Dream Startup

Build the landing page for your dream startup


What's your dream startup idea? Is it the first commercial space airline? Or maybe solar system-spanning observatories? OK, your big idea probably isn't space related... but a great way to bring your startup to life is through a high-concept landing page (it's also a good way to raise money *wink *wink). So build a beautiful landing page for the startup of your dreams, the business you would build if nothing held you back. With Webflow, you can do it all visually, without code.


After you join the contest, signup for a free Webflow account here. The contest will follow 6 distinct stages where you can submit progress updates and get feedback.

  1. Brainstorm your dream startup idea
  2. Design a prototype/skeleton - Develop the layout and flow of your landing page.
  3. Create assets - Design any images, illustrations or interactions you'd like to put in the page.
  4. Add content - Start to fill out the page with real text, images, illustrations, colors and interactions.
  5. Polish and QA - Make changes and refinements to layout/designs to make sure everything works across devices, color scheme matches, interactions run smoothly, meeting accessibility standards, proofread your copy etc. etc.
  6. Push it live!


Real Startup Websites Built With Webflow

For some inspiration, here's a small sample of real startup sites built on Webflow!





Dot Health


Conservation Guide


6 Months free hosting plan and promotion of the site/designer.

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