The Make & Shine Book An indie maker's guide to personal branding Building 6 Updates Anne-Laure
Women Make podcast Put talented women in the forefront. Talking to Users 9 Updates Marie
[ Still Figuring This Out ] Ideas 0 Updates fiona
A self-hosted membership website A ubiquitous atelier of a digital visual artist. Building 0 Updates Yuko
Ewa's Project Ideas 0 Updates Ewa Lewandowska
Flow Supply Co. Online store of beautiful prints and posters Prototype 0 Updates Noemi Stauffer
Moi It’s all about me Ideas 0 Updates Prateek Karan
Podcast about Asian American Stories Building 4 Updates Angelica
YourNextFriend Maybe here you will find your next pet? :) Prototype 0 Updates Valia Walx
Wits & Slips A blog about tools, tips and the digital world. Ideas 0 Updates Mira Dagon
Website & Newsletter for Tête à Tech A website for the Tête à Tech podcast Building 1 Updates Awa
The Actual School Learn the skills for modern life - what you should've been taught in school. Talking to Users 1 Updates Erin La Ninfa
Local designed clothes brands site Building 2 Updates Winnie Phan
Destash - an e-commerce platform Ideas 0 Updates Catheline
RD 2019 A digital diary for language learners Building 0 Updates Joseline
Travel Tracker Track, map and share the countries and cities you have travelled Ideas 2 Updates Stuti
Launch DECODEING School College-quality education without the debt. Building 3 Updates Katelyn
Imagination Series Bringing dreams to reality Design 0 Updates Sage Gee
Head of House Website Ideas 0 Updates Jo-Elle
ebook: communications for startups Communication & Digital Essentials for the Busy Startup Founder Building 2 Updates Kelly Miller
Short Story Creation & Compilation Writing stories for a compilation book Ideas 5 Updates April Marie
Soothing mobile game Learn Unity and make a soothing mobile game Building 2 Updates c10v32c1u6
LIBERI One-stop source for helping immigrant children. Building 2 Updates Andrea Hernandez
The Zen of Programming A blog about programming and my life surrounding it Marketing 0 Updates Alison Spittel
Re-launch website with Gatsby JS Creating a new website and learning JavaScript af the same time! Prototype 0 Updates Lara Durrant
builtbyher A place to empower women from across the world to share their projects Ideas 3 Updates Jess Wallace
Diversify Tech The best resources for underrepresented people in tech all in one place Building 0 Updates Veni Kunche
a self care reminder application a web app to help remind you when you need to take in a moment for yourself Design 1 Updates Janet Mendez
Intro to AWS Newsletter Course Introducing cloud computing and AWS to non-techies with free newsletter course. Talking to Users 16 Updates Hiro
Design for Breakfast The most important design email of the day! Talking to Users 0 Updates Aurora Pleguezuelo
A Skillshare Class Formatting Poetry and Prose with HTML and CSS Building 2 Updates Sarah Joy C.
Musebuz for everyone is an artist Finding your muse through art is universal and for everyone Marketing 0 Updates Irina
Open-source Digital Art Museum Easy to contribute art and code! Building 3 Updates Julie Gauthier
blog/vlog series on being a junior dev technical blog posts and/or youtube videos on coding and/or being a junior dev Building 1 Updates Elana Tee
Training Program Prototype 0 Updates Diya
Portfolio Page My personal portfolio page Ideas 0 Updates Jennifer Williams
Telegram Sticker Pack Ideas 1 Updates María Espí
Make Yourself Great Again Ideas 1 Updates Steph
Something for Mac OS Design 0 Updates Marina Eremina
Meta Preview A browser extension that previews your site on popular social networks Ideas 0 Updates Akshay Kadam (A2K)
Exercizer Practice your coding skills Building 1 Updates Bertrand Rigal
Portraits By P Beautiful made-to-order illustrations Prototype 1 Updates Pierrah