Build a Voice App

Build voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with one codebase

Assignment: Come up with idea

Due: October 22nd

  • Come up with 3 simple ideas of voice products that either solve a problem or are fun
  • Create a sample script for each idea
  • Test your sample scripts with at least 1 potential user to understand how it could work

Deliverables Required

  1. Post your product ideas in the program
  2. Post an update with your idea, what problem you are solving and why
  3. End up with 1 idea to pursue during the batch

Assignment: Test and refine your script

Due: October 29th

  • Work on your script and think about potential ways beyond the "happy path"
  • Use "Wizard of Oz" testing to see how users could interact with your voice app
  • Refine your script

Deliverables Required

  1. Test your script with at least 5 potential users
  2. Post an update with 3 key learnings of your user testing

Assignment: Project setup and "Hello World"

Due: November 5th

  • Let's get coding!
  • Create an Amazon Developer account and an account on Amazon Web Services
  • Watch this video to get started with the Jovo Framework
  • Dive into the Adventure Games Jovo course to learn about states

Deliverables Required

  1. Build a "Hello World" voice app that works either on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  2. Post an update on your progress and how you intent to build out your script with Jovo and states

Assignment: Build & Feedback

Due: November 12th

  • Build your script into a working voice app
  • Re-reach out to your potential users and get feedback
  • Re-iterate based on feedback

Deliverables Required

  1. Post an update showing your solution
  2. Post an update of the feedback from your users
  3. Post an update of what feedback you used to re-iterate

Extra dates for your calendar

November 15, 2018 - Challenge complete.