Idea to Prototype in 30 Days

Learn to master low-fi to high fidelity prototyping

🙅‍♀️ No more excuses: Idea to Prototype in 30 Days

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💭Pretty much everyone’s got an app idea, regardless of their age or experience. For many though, they remain just that - ideas in our heads because we think they're too difficult to make.

For that reason, we too often don’t even make a start. Let's change this for anyone in the next 30 days! No idea is a bad idea, and everything is possible.

Turn your ideas into reality

  • Create a voice controlled app?
  • Make a chatbot?
  • Create something in VR?

✨It's all possible.✨

Even though you may not know where to begin with new technologies such as AR/VR and voice control, don't be put off. The truth is, you don’t need to build a fully functioning product to give your idea a presence in the world.

A prototype is a great start, and we've got the resources to get you started. See this as an opportunity to:

  • work on something you never found time for/always wanted to do
  • continue with an existing product, and make it with the community
  • validate business ideas for a startup
  • create something for you portfolio
  • stay motivated by doing this together all at the same time
  • have a deadline to motivate you and stay on track
  • experiment with new methods, tools and technologies
  • do it publicly so it makes you accountable
  • be surrounded by a supportive community
  • win a prize 🏆 and have your idea shared to 1000s of people!

How it works

In this program we’ll start the process of turning ideas into real tangible products that we can put into people’s hands through prototyping.

🛠 A prototype is something to really quickly give your idea a presence in the world. The faster you can make your idea tangible, the more feedback and momentum you’ll get to help you move towards the real thing. 

It can be done with minimal effort, and you don’t even need any skills or experience. In the 30 days, we'll look at different tools and techniques to get your idea out there quickly - no matter what it is:

  • 🤔 Types of prototypes, and when to use each
  • 📑 Templates and resources for sketching prototypes
  • ✨ Tips and resources for working on new technologies
  • 🗣How to gather user feedback, and the best tools to do it with
  • 🌊Working on the user flow of your app

The program is open to anyone, at any stage of a project too. You might already have some real working code, or you may not even have an idea yet! Come and make something in 30 days.

In the final week, we'll have a high fidelity prototype, or even working code that solves a problem for users (or for fun!).

Where do I start?

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#3 📄 Add your product/idea. You can create it right now, even if your idea is not defined yet. You can edit it later so you can also name it however you want. Here's how to add your product.

#4 💙 Join the forum/chat

🏆 Prizes

Prizes will be announced soon!

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