Build and launch a startup in 30 days, with or without code

Assignment: Come up with idea 

Due: October 1st


  • Watch https://www.newco.app/projects/18-ideas
  • Start an ideas doc/trello/notepad/etc
  • Think about problems like the list above
  • Talk to at least 5 people about the problem (don't offer any solutions)
  • Group your ideas in lists
  • Score your ideas
  • Prioritise them based on their score

Deliverables Required

  1. Post your product idea in the program
  2. Post an update with your idea, what problem you are solving and why

Assignment: Talk to users

Due: October 5th


Deliverables Required

  1. Get at least 5 people to give you a user interview on the problem
  2. Prepare your customer questions and post them as an update 

Assignment: Prepare/Plan

Due: October 12th


  • Evaluate the current solutions (what’s good/bad)
  • Look at the tools out there (code is an option!) and what could make a good 80% solution built in less than a week
  • Low-fi wireframe based on what is achievable

Deliverables Required

  1. Post an update of the current solutions and your evaluation of them
  2. Post an update of what tools you plan to use
  3. Post an update with an upload of your wireframes

Assignment: Build & Feedback

Due: October 21st


  • Build your solution (can be a clickable prototype)
  • Re-reach out to your potential users and get feedback
  • Re-iterate based on feedback (know what to ignore and what to take on board)

Deliverables Required

  1. Post an update showing your solution
  2. Post an update of the feedback from your users
  3. Post an update of what feedback you used to re-iterate

Extra dates for your calendar

October 3, 2018 - AMA with Mubashar Iqbal and Ben Tossell.

October 26, 2018 - Challenge complete.