Build and launch a startup in 30 days, with or without code


In this challenge, you will be running through a 4-step process to get something launched in 30 days. The barrier is ridiculously low these days, the tools are powerful, there’s ideas and inspiration everywhere, and you should stop using excuses to NOT build something. 30 days, try and contribute to your startup by building something for at least 30 minutes. Small features or bigger components, every little helps!

The topics will include:

  • Identifying problems, not solutions.
  • Talking to customers
  • Rapid prototyping & building
  • User testing

How it works

Sign up to the batch and when it begins, you'll be given materials to help you in this challenge. There will be a Slack Channel for real-time chat and notifications and a forum to post any questions you may have. You'll be able to reach out to the instructors at any time. There are also going to be AMAs (Ask Me Anything - Q&A sessions) with other makers who have done this lots of times before!

Add the dates in the timeline to your calendars to keep track of the events going on and stay on top of the assignments set. You'll be prompted to submit updates about your progress, the more you share the better! Other participants will be sharing their stats so everyone stays accountable.

Once you join the batch, you will need to add the product you are working on. Name it something random if you don't have one already, this product can be edited at any time (so if you land on the greatest name during week 2, you can change it).

Any questions, ping us on Slack when you join or use our live chat on the site.

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