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Healthcare/Pharmaceutical released 🎉👨‍💻

Hey! 🙂

I am happy to announce that yesterday I released for Android on Play Store.

I published it on different subreddits and I started getting traffic, downloads and all kind of opinions.

The best part of shipping soon is that I am getting information about if there are people that wants my product.

Something that I realised is that the purpose of this app is not explained very well. It is not to compete with LoseIt or MyFitnessPal by offering users predefined foods and meals.

I want to target people like me that used to write down in a paper their meals, their nutritional intake and start building a daily meal plan that covered all the nutrients while maintaining a maximum amount of calories. Which is super-difficult and time-consuming if you want to suddenly change some meal or food. That's the people that I am targeting.

Today, I am going to start my voice app while I keep getting all the analytics from

Have a nice day!

Cristian Rivas Gómez 1 month ago
  • Frances

    Congrats Cristian!

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