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Due to distance between me and and my potential users I created an online survey which seekes to understand the problem people have with their electricity and water supply. 41 people filled the survey.

In the survey. the following observations were made.

  1. it was observed that a lot of people require frequent services from electricians, with 10.8% of the respondent requiring daily electrical services.
  2. We also noticed that more than 40% of the respondent are not satisfied with the electricians they use.
  3. It was also evident that people are ready to pay more for an excellent service
  4. While people will be ready to pay more for a better pluming services, most people don’t need a pluming services regularly and they are satisfied with the plumbers they use.
  5. We also discovered that the major challenges they have with getting good electricians and plumbers is, having access to honest workers, availability and cost.
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Feranmi 2 weeks ago

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