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The goal of a civilization is to progress on our quest for humanity and one of the best method is through creating more art and understanding what a true art is. Now that we are finally at the threshold of offloading the manual, repetitive and functional to the AI, robots and scripts, it is time to explore the world of art, channel our creative energies and build a vision unique to every individual. Internet brings us together, breaking the cultural barriers, but the world of art is still highly misunderstood and confused for light entertainment and mostly stereotyped as an elitist pass time. It is time to explore this world more deeply and understand the significance and all gripping power it can unleash.


is on a mission to demystify and bring the ideas governing artists closer to the general public, by publishing about works and thoughts of artists, cross-referencing with science and social formations.

is building a community for people to join and share their inspirations, we live in the era where one inspiring story competes with another, but sometimes social aspect of sharing turns into the relationship between a broadcaster and viewer instead of becoming a true social sharing of ideas.

is creating a resources for artists (meaning everyone) to promote their works and use the utilities that internet provides in a more organized way

Musebuz is also an art work so here is the Manifesto about is and isn't

It is important to understand art in it's true light, and find out what it is and what it isn't.

Let's explore: isn't

It is not an entertainment,

It is not about aesthetic pleasure

It is not about social prestige

It is not about the ability to draw or play in the competitive sense of the world

Let's explore: is

It is a portal to our imagination

It is closely linked to where our subconscious brews

It is the medium through which we can transpose from one discipline to another

It is the place in our mind where innovation happens

It is a chronicle of history of humanity

Check back soon!