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Our makers have built some amazing projects, from voice-enabled sites to fun web-apps.


A service to automatically convert blog posts into audio.


Easily invite people for your events and respond to events you’ve been invited to.


Make and track new habits. Motivate your friends. Get real-life rewards from your favourite retailers.

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Some Common Questions

What is a program?

A program can be an online challege, hackathon or just-for-fun learning opportunity. They are centered around specific outputs, like "Build a Marketplace" or "Design a UI Kit". When you're looking to build a side-project, it's a big ask to learn to code then apply those skills to the project you have in mind. So we favor building something specific.

How much does it cost?

It's free to people to take part in the programs!

What's the benefit of participating?

Test out a new side project idea, use a new tool, be held accountable, connect with others on the same path as you. There's a number of benefits 😊.

Can I host my own program?

Absolutely, send us an email, tell us why you'd be interesting in hosting your own challenge, what it will entail and we'll look to get it setup.

Where can we get in touch?

Feel free to ping us in Intercom (the little chat bubble on the bottom right of this site) or send us an email